What payment methods do you accept ?
We accept  Perfect Money, HD-Money, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. Bank Wire Transfer is available for investments starting at $2,000. If you prefer to deposit via bank wire, please contact us for instruction.

How can I register?
You do not need to make a boring registration. Just click deposit now and make your deposit.
You will receive your payment directly to your e-currency.

Do you pay at weekends?
Yes, we pay 7 days per week.

 What is Perfect Money and how can I use it ?
Perfect Money (http://www.perfectmoney.is)  is an account-based payment system where you can store value in U.S. dollars, Euro, Gold and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others. Perfect Money is instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!. For more information please visit the Perfect Money website. Follow this link https://perfectmoney.is/business-partners.html to see the list of perfect money exchangers where you can exchange, buy and sell Perfect Money.

What is Bitcoin and how can I use it ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Just like countries use national currencies, Internet users can use digital currencies. One of these digital currency systems is Bitcoin.

There are online exchangers that facilitate the exchange of fiat and Bitcoin. Online exchanges accept domestic or international wires and then proceed to sell your standard currency and buy Bitcoin. Please check Bitcoin Exchangers for a list of exchangers.

Creating your Bitcoin digital wallet. Download and install the latest Bitcoin client from http://bitcoin.org Buy Bitcoin through Bitcoin exchange services.


How is my investment protected from hackers?
Your investment is totally safe because payments are sent directly to the account from which the investment has been made.

Do you offer any referral bonuses?
Yes, you will receive 14% of each deposit which is made by your referred investors.

When my referral commission will be paid?
The referral bonus will be paid directly into your account within 24 hours after your referral(s) deposit has been made.

How can I refer my friends/partners to invest with Financial Investment?
This can be done by simply conveying your referral link to your friends or partners. When any of them decide to invest through your referral, you are entitled to a 14% referral commission. Please use personal referral link: http://www.financialinvestment.biz?r=1234567. (1234567 your Perfect Money account number). You may place referral links on your website.

Can I get referral bonuses without investing in Financial Investment?
Yes, you can. You are not required to make a deposit to receive referral bonuses.

 I live outside the US, can I join?
 Yes, we welcome all international members.

Can I make a deposit by credit card, check or wire transfer?
Answer : Absolutely, you can make a deposit using bank transfer, check, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. You can use any exchange service officially listed at www.perfectmoney.is to purchase Perfect Money and invest with us.

Where do you pay my profits ?
Answer : Your profits will be paid directly into the Perfect Money account you invested from.

Can I open several investment accounts with Investment Forge?
Yes, the number of investment accounts you can open is UNLIMITED.

Can I spend directly from Perfect Money site?
Yes, of course. Please email us the batch number.

How can I refer my friends/partners to invest with Financial Investment?
Please use personal referral link: http://www.financialinvestment.biz/?U010101 When any of them decide to invest through your referral, you are entitled to a 14% referral commission. You may place referral links on your website.
Your Perfect Money account number is U010101. So your referral link is

Do I have to invest in your program first in order to receive referral bonuses?
No, in fact, many people earn a substantial income from our referral program just by referring investors to our program. To earn referral bonuses, please instruct the investors you refer to enter your e-currency account number in the memo line of their spend.

Are deposits and Referral earnings automatic?
Yes, we use an automatic system to pay our members.

How can I fund my e-currency account? -
You may fund your account via bank wire transfer, Western Union and other funding options with a number of reputable exchange providers.

I have a question that is not listed here, please help!
We list only the most common questions in our FAQ. If your question is not listed here, our tech support will gladly help you.




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